Our Approach to Beer Making

the process

Our Passion to the Art of
Beer Making

Steeped in Tradition, Tailored for Taste

Our process is based on the Reinheitsgebot, also known as the German Beer Purity Law, which was made into a law in Germany in 1516 as a way to regulate the production of beer. It stated that German beer could only contain three ingredients: barley, hops and water. At the time, the existence of yeast had not yet been discovered.

This law helps regulate the ingredients, processes and mainly the quality of our beer, keeping out unhealthy ingredients and ensuring pure beer.

What Makes Our Brew Special

Our products are positioned very carefully, taking advantage of a rapidly growing, although sometimes confusing market. The current trend towards an ever more complicated selection of craft beers, craft beer flavours, as well as brewers, had left Kleinburg Brewery with a unique opportunity to stand out. Kleinburg Brewery intends to adopt a “back to basics” approach to beer making.

Utilizing the German Purity Law, or Reinheitsgebot, Kleinburg Brewery will take a simple, time honoured approach to beer making, with our products being tailored for the beer drinker tastes. We will use extremely high-quality ingredients and take the utmost care during the handling process to ensure a top tier brew.

Our Beer

KB Indian Pale Ale

473 mL 5% alc/vol.

Kleinburg Brewery's KB IPA is a craft beer lover's delight. This IPA brings together malted barley, flaked oats, hops, and yeast to create a truly remarkable brew. Our IPA boasts a rich, layered profile, brimming with vibrant hops character and a smooth maltiness, thanks to the addition of flaked oats. Embrace the bold and indulge in the nuanced flavours of our KB IPA - a perfect treat for those seeking an adventure in every sip.

Pair This Beer With

Crumbly Blue Cheese to Creamy Goat Cheese Or Aged Cheddar. An impeccable pairing for cheese and crackers!

KB Traditional Lager

473 mL 4.6% alc/vol.

A celebration of the humble Lager - a beer loved by many for its easy-drinking style. Each brew is a harmonious blend of malted barley, flaked corn, hops, and yeast. The flaked corn introduces a light, yet full-bodied sweetness that perfectly balances the crisp finish. KB Lager is a timeless classic, redefined by Kleinburg Brewery's commitment to unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction.

Pair This Beer With

Hearty Stews and Chillis, Your Favourite Pub Snacks, Roasted Chicken & Pasta.

KB Wheat

473 mL 4.6% alc/vol.

Our KB Wheat brew captures the true spirit of the classic wheat beer. Crafted from the finest malted barley and wheat, our KB Wheat is a testament to tradition and simplicity. It offers a subtly sweet, smooth profile with a distinct, grainy complexity. The result is a uniquely refreshing beer that pairs perfectly with good times. Experience the rustic charm of our KB Wheat and let its distinct flavours quench your thirst for quality.

Pair This Beer With

Some grilled meats at a BBQ, a slice of cheesy pizza, or some sweets for dessert!