Our Story

Kleinburg Brewery

The Essence of Craft Brewing

Kleinburg Brewery takes a simple, time honoured approach to beer making, with our products being tailored for the beer drinker. We work towards high quality crafted beer to ensure customer satisfaction, supported by impeccable customer service, and have easily recognized beer styles.

Cherishing Tradition, Pursuing Quality

Kleinburg Brewery’s first major initiative is to adopt and embrace the German purity law as much as possible, but also instilling the culture of quality behind which it stands for. At Kleinburg Brewery we deliver a safe, consistent, high-quality brew to our customers as a top priority.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide excellent tasting, high quality beer at an affordable price.

our approach to beer making

The Process

Our process is based on the Reinheitsgebot, also known as the German Beer Purity Law, which was made into a law in Germany in 1516 as a way to regulate the production of beer. It stated that German beer could only contain three ingredients: barley, hops and water. At the time, the existence of yeast had not yet been discovered.

This law helps to regulate the ingredients, processes and mainly the quality of our beer, keeping out unhealthy ingredients and ensuring pure beer.